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What is Causing My Tooth Pain?

At Allen Family Dental, we want your smile to be healthy, attractive and comfortable. However, tooth pain can disrupt that plan. If you experience dental sensitivity or mild, moderate or severe tooth pain, don't wait. Contact Dr. Brett Allen, your emergency dentist in Scottsville, KY. He'll discover the reason behind the pain and get you feeling better.

Why does my tooth hurt?

There are many reasons why one or more of your teeth may hurt. However, the most common is dental sensitivity, that zing of pain when you bite down or when you drink something very hot or cold. While young people under the age of 30 may have limited dental sensitivity as their teeth and nerves mature, more intense and lasting pain typically signals a serious problem.

Upon examination and X-rays at his Scottsville, KY, office, your emergency dentist may discover:

  • Infection in your tooth pulp (abscessed tooth)
  • Deep dental decay
  • Gum recession and exposed roots related to periodontal disease
  • Poor dental bite (malocclusion)
  • An obvious fracture of a tooth, lost filling or injury involving the interior dental pulp
  • TMJ, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction
  • Worn enamel due to teeth clenching or grinding

What can be done

Dental first aid may involve over the counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain. Ice your jaw if it's swollen. And, of course, contact Dr. Allen for additional counsel or a same-day appointment as needed. He offers many restorative services that can eliminate your pain and save as much natural tooth structure as possible.

Services that may relieve tooth pain are:

  • Composite resin fillings or porcelain crowns to treat tooth decay and chipped or fractured enamel
  • Root canal therapy (endodontics) to remove the inflamed interior pulp, seal and disinfect the tooth, and crown it for many more years of service
  • Fixed bridgework or dental implants to replace extracted or avulsed teeth
  • Acrylic bite guards to treat bruxism

Of course, preventive dental care is your best defense against dental pain. Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and a soft brush. Floss every day to remove decay-causing plaque and to prevent harmful tartar. See Dr. Allen twice yearly for a cleaning and check-up. Catch dental problems before they cause pain and other problems.

Your happy smile

You can have one which is long-lasting and pain-free. Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Brett Allen, your emergency dentist in Scottsville, KY, at the first sign of discomfort anywhere in your mouth. Phone Allen Family Dental at (270) 237-3655.

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